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Online resources

Our online resources have been created for those times that we can’t meet with you and your students face-to-face.

You will find on here resources on various aspect of the social sciences that you can deliver in the classroom and activities that students can complete at home.

Social media and my data

Aimed at pupils in Y9, 10 and 11, this two-part interactive workshop looks at how our data is used, and how we can use this knowledge to keep ourselves safe whilst using social media.

Drugs and gang culture

Throughout this workshop, KS5 students will be looking into Drugs and Gang Culture, considering how and why people get involved in gangs and what the implications can be.

Activism: What's the point?

A bank of resources designed for Year 12 pupils to look at the area of Activism through various different subject areas, crossing the disciplines of Geography, Politics, Sociology and caring for youth mental health.

Subject insight series

A series of videos providing insights from students on their course and university experience. Available for a broad range of subjects.