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Activism: What's the Point - Resources

Thank you for your interest in our Activism Day resources. These resources are designed for Year 12 pupils and look at the area of Activism through various different subject areas, crossing the disciplines of Geography, Politics, Sociology and caring for youth mental health. All resources are suitable for use within the classroom or can be set as independent work for pupils at home.

Activism: What's the Point?

What is activism and why do we become activists? Join this interactive session created by our colleagues from Yorkshire Life Aquatics to discover what you are passionate about and ways in which you can make a difference!

Radical Geography and Protest

Join Professor Paul Routledge from the School of Geography at the University of Leeds to find out more about Radical Geography. Through looking at an approach to Geography motivated by social, economic and environmental justice, develop an understanding of injustice and protest and why and where they happen.

Egypt: Activism and Dictatorship

Learn about one of the most momentous political transitions and transformations that has taken place in recent decades! Along with Professor Ray Bush from the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds, discover more about the Egyptian uprising that toppled a 30 year dictatorship in 2011.

Activism and Mental Health

Along with Shannon Jackson, a mentor with UK YouthStrike4Climate, explore the relationship between mental health and activism. Why do we need to do more with mental health and how do we do more?