Law Resources

Thank you for your interest in our online Street Law resources. You can find out more about the Street Law project here.

These resources are designed for students across the key stages and have been created by our current undergraduate Law students. Covering various different areas of the Law, these sessions can fit into a wide range of subjects within the curriculum. Please note that these resources can be delivered in the classroom or used by students independently at home.

Some of the topics covered may be sensitive, so you may wish to review content and materials beforehand.

Suitable for pupils in Y9/10/11. This two-part interactive workshop looks at how our data is used, and how we can use this knowledge to keep ourselves safe whilst using Social Media. It also explores the idea of how to maintain a good online reputation, looking specifically at the role of influencers.
Suitable for students in KS5. Through this workshop, students will be looking into Drugs and Gang Culture, considering how and why people get involved in gangs and what the implications can be.
Suitable for KS5 students. This session will be discussing police powers, exploring the rights of police officers and the rights of individuals. Please note that this session will be illustrated by with life examples, including some sensitive YouTube video content.