Franks – BA Sociology

Franks is currently a final year BA Social policy and Sociology with quantitative data research student in the in the School of Sociology and Social Policy.

Why did you choose your degree?

I always want to explore the social issues in today’s society, and compare between different countries. I want to help with pushing the social change. I enjoyed studying a wide range of Sociology and Social Policy topics which built up my overall understanding. All the teachers are friendly and patient and I love debating with my classmates to help each other understand the reading resources during the seminar. There are also lots of guest lectures for me to keep up with latest research.

What is a joint honours degree and what are the benefits?

You can pick two majors from same or even a different faculty. You get a chance to study modules from both majors and improve your multidisciplinary thinking, which is very useful for social sciences students. You can also access the resources from both major departments such as career support, guest lectures and so on.

What has been your favourite part of the course so far?

Discovery modules provided me a chance to learn French! I also loved the “Central problems in Sociology” module which provided me with a chance to learn a lot of critical theory from famous social scientists. I was able to find out which area I am most interested in from this module. I also love comparing different social policy systems in different countries from my studies. The “Beyond University” module also provided me with a chance to work for Leeds city council for the poverty project!

Have you completed a Study Abroad or Industry Placement year?

Yes! I joined a summer school in Korea for 7 weeks, and worked as the first international Student Exec Officer at Leeds University Union during my placement year. I love these opportunities, which build upon my international mindset and enable me to meet more friends from all over the world.  Additionally, it’s always good to get a taster of the working experience before you graduate. I brought so many positive changes to Leeds Uni – I led the national tuition fee compensation petition to parliament, and helped improve the staff understanding of international students feelings by setting up an international advisory board.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Leeds?

It has the most beautiful campus with rabbits (not all universities in the UK have a campus). Leeds is one of the most international friendly cities and you have lots of opportunities to get involved in opportunities such as volunteering or internships. People overall are friendly and happy to help you and respect your feelings. No matter what you want to do in the future, Leeds Uni has the resources to help you achieve.

Have you been involved in any extra-curricular activities?

I was the first international Student Executive Officer at Leeds University Union. I am currently the Head of News at Leeds Student TV, and the news editor of the Gryphon Newspaper.

What are your top tips for applying for University?

Be yourself! Research the course and get in touch with the course leader since you need to study for at least 3 years. It needs to be a subject that you have a passion for. I wish I had explored more opportunities such as study abroad, the events on campus and the background of the lecturers when I was 16 years old. It really would have helped me prepare and have an idea about what my campus life would look like.

Sum up your university experience (so far!) in one sentence!

Unpredictable, exciting and learning new things every day.