Megan – LLB Law

Meg is currently a second year LLB Law student in the School of Law.

Why did you choose your degree?

When I picked my degree, I considered which skills I wanted to attain or build on for my personal development and social science degrees are incredibly versatile, Law in particular equips you with essential skills in advocacy, research and critical analysis as well as increasing your employability by giving you commercial awareness. So, despite Law not being my strongest subject at A level, I pursued it as my degree choice because I knew it would always be engaging and rewarding to study. The quality of the Law school also contributed as a huge reason to why I picked an LLB, the academics that lead my lectures (Such as Iyiola Solanke and Nick Taylor) truly inspire my love for the subject by providing excellent teaching. As well as the Law schools employability and placements team who always support me in whatever opportunities I am aspiring for. It was also very important to me that the Law school engaged with the local community, University of Leeds does that brilliantly, through them I have been able to volunteer in Local schools and Community centres. Overall, I choose my degree because I had genuine passion for my subject and knew it would enhance my employability and open up many career paths.

What has been your favourite part of the course so far?

My favourite part of my course so far was easily when Baroness Hale gave a guest lecture in my first year. It was incredible to have the privilege to see her in person and listen to her experience, she is truly inspiring to young lawyers as the first female president of the Supreme Court. I actually got to talk to her briefly at the drinks reception that followed, it will be something I remember for the rest of my life. Otherwise, I have thoroughly enjoyed my optional and discovery modules, I find that they have been my highest grades due to genuine my passion for the subjects. I took a discovery module in the School of Education this year, which let me utilise my skills in politics and sociology, I plan to take the higher level next year as I find it supplements my legal studies so well. My Competition Law module had an added element where the highest achievers in the class would have then be interviewed for a placement with a Law firm, I found I thrived in this environment and it always links back to how my degree makes me feel skilled for the real world of legal work.

Have you chosen/completed a Study Abroad or Industry Placement year?

Instead of doing a year abroad, I am enrolled to do a 4 month work placement with Camp Canada. I was made aware to the opportunity by their team hosting at a careers fair in the University Union, and immediately found them attractive as a shorter term option to get work experience abroad. Currently I am also seeking an Industry placement, I have been working on my applications with advice from the Law school’s careers team. They provide personal feedback on cover letters, cv’s as well as doing full mock interviews with you. I have gotten to a point now with the careers team that because I seek their advice so much, they will send me any vacancies they think would be good for me personally. They support students excellently by consistently responding fast and provide great guidance.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Leeds?

I chose University of Leeds because there was no compromise between being at an esteemed institution and having a huge social student community. At Uni of Leeds, the teaching is high quality, the careers support and academic environment is structured for you to get the most out of your degree, but it’s also city centre and allocates lots of resources to its societies, events and sports teams. Before I’d applied, I visited my friend who was studying here, staying with them at their student house. I had been to lots of other universities but Leeds stood out. Being a city centre campus uni has huge advantages to providing an experience of being a young professional in a city not just living on a normal separate campus. Everything is so close together that you can walk from your accommodation to classes and go out without using public transport. Also, due to there being 3 other major universities in Leeds, the city is almost dominated by people your own age so everywhere is approachable, fun and feels safe. Whilst with my friend, they gave me the tour of the Campus, venues such as the Union, the Libraries and the Law school stood out to me immensely. The Union has over 300 societies and clubs for you to meet people and socialise (you can even create your own like I did!), as well as having social spaces within it such as a nightclub, which everybody flocks to on a Friday night. Overall, the biggest pull factor for UoL is that it hits the balance between academic and social life, giving you with the full university experience.

What do you do in your spare time?

Alongside my studies I have three part time jobs, I find it not only allows me to support myself at Uni but I genuinely enjoy the work I do and think its impactful to the local community. With my Leeds Loves Ambassador role, I get to work on transformative programmes such as Pathways to Law, Access to Leeds and provide prospective students with an insight into student life by hosting event days filled with a range of opportunities, it’s flexible fun work that fits around my university schedule well, with the really supportive and understanding educational engagement team behind in. Another one of my roles is working in the University Libraries, this is thoroughly enjoyable, the library buildings are great spaces for students to work and I love being a part of the support by helping people find resources, fixing technical issues and keeping the environment safe and attractive to work in. Again, my managers are incredibly considerate and help make the work fit in around my studying and support my development in the role. My colleagues I work with in the library are really great, every person working there is passionate about their role and helping students. For my hobbies, I really love visiting my friends from home who have all gone to different universities to experience what their uni has to offer, as well as hosting my friends who go elsewhere to come to Leeds. Leeds has so many great activities such as gigs, cool nightclubs and museums to visit, I come from a very small town so I love how much there is to see and do here. As well as being well connected to visit Manchester, York and Liverpool which are all short train journeys away.

Have you been involved in any extra-curricular activities?

I would say I spend the majority of my free time doing extra-curricular activities, it has been the defining factor of my university experience, I absolutely love it. Within the Law School, I signed up for the Streetlaw volunteering at the beginning of second year and ended up doing it three times over, as well as helping the coordinator in training sessions for future cohorts of volunteers. I also have taken part in Welfare Rights Clinic volunteering through the Law Schools coordination. It is an immensely rewarding role and has provided me with invaluable practical client based work within a community centre in Leeds. I couldn’t recommend both opportunities any higher, and so I am taking part in the Migrant support and Welfare rights and appeals opportunities next year. I have also started a new gaming society with the Union. This has been an awesome experience of bringing people together who are all passionate about one particular game, and in my role as President of the society I have learnt so many skills of how to use social media promotion, as well as planning and organising events. It’s a lot of handwork but pays off in how fun it is to find like-minded people and find many more friends. More recently, the Law Schools careers team directed me to opportunities to volunteer with Universify who are a transformative educational charity, so I will be taking on a role with them over the summer to broaden my skills in event hosting and engaging with prospective university students.

What are your experiences of accommodation at university?

I stayed in Henry Price Residence Halls in my first year which was super sociable with 10 people living in one flat, it made the transition from home very smooth as everyone was in the same boat not knowing anyone and being very friendly wanting to spend time together. Each of the halls of residence have their own events for all the students living there, so you get to know not only your own flat but all the adjacent ones, and there are social media chats for each block of flats. The sub wardens and security make you feel really safe and sort out any concerns you have. The layout of my halls was great for hosting parties and friends, as we had a big open plan kitchen dinning area. As well as in my actual room, it had a Jack and Jill bathroom leading into the next bedroom and as I became best friends with the girl next to me we could then leave that door open and chat. In my second year I live in a big house with six other people, four of them being from my halls because we all became really close friends. The experience is even better than halls, we’re all very close and do our housework together to make it fun. Halls was all inclusive for bills to help with moving away from home for the first time, but I’ve really enjoyed taking financial responsibility this year and learning how to set up all the bills. We have a good relationship with our landlord, she is reliable and makes the house very comfortable for us.

Sum up your university experience (so far!) in one sentence!

Diverse and Fun