Anouska – BA Geography with Quantitative Methods

Anouska is currently a second year BA Geography with Quantitative Methods student in the Faculty of Environment.

Why did you choose your degree?

The thing that drew me to the Geography department at Leeds was the separation (degree wise) between the human and physical sides of the subject. I really struggled with physical Geography at school and was really nervous about having to take physical modules at university. The course structure that Leeds offers means you can choose to do as much of a mixture as you like, making your degree entirely unique to you.

What did you study at school and/or college?

I studied Geography, History, Spanish, Art, Maths, English Lit & Lang, and triple science for my GCSEs. I studied English Literature, Fine Art and Geography for my A Levels. I think besides Geography, the most useful subjects for me have been Spanish and English Literature. English has helped me become more critical and has helped with my essay writing at university. I found Spanish GCSE really interesting and am able to keep this up as a hobby at university.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Leeds?

The University of Leeds’ campus layout creates a unique environment where students feel safe and comfortable walking around. When I visited Leeds in Year 12, I immediately felt at ease, having loads of other students around me in the same position and others that had been in the position only a few years prior. The pastoral support the University offers their students is second to none and was a really important factor I looked at before deciding what university I wanted to go to.

How is studying at university different to school and college?

There is a level of independence at university that I never felt at school. You don’t have teachers chasing you for work every day and you have to rely on yourself to get the work done. Obviously professors and tutors are there to support you but it is a time to learn and become more mature in yourself, something I never felt I had the opportunity to do at school.

Have you been involved in any extra-curricular activities?

I am currently on the University of Leeds Geography Society committee where I organise events such as the society trip and ball. This has been a really fun experience where I have met students from across the different year groups and met so many people from my course.

What are your experiences of accommodation at university?

In first year I was in university halls and had a really good time. In second year I now live in a house with 5 other people. It feels very grown up and an experience that seemed so far away when I was still at school.

What are your top tips for applying for University?

I would definitely encourage anyone applying to visit university open days as these events were so helpful for me to see where I could picture myself attending university. These experiences were definitely factored into my final decisions. I would also encourage everyone to start working on your personal statement early and ask your teachers for help. They’re there to support you.

Sum up your university experience (so far!) in one sentence!

A life-changing learning curve.