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***Postponed*** Year 9 & 10 Discovery Day: Law Taster Day

Year 9 & 10 Taster Days
Wednesday 22 April 2020, 09:30-14:45
University of Leeds

**Following Government guidance the University have decided that all non-essential contact should now be avoided, so we are postponing all outreach activities both on and off campus, initially up to the end of April.  Therefore this event will no longer go ahead.**

Do your students want to know more about law and may be interested in pursuing a career in law?

We would like to invite you and your Year 9 and Year 10 pupils to a Law School Taster day at the University of Leeds. The day will provide pupils with an insight into some of the opportunities available whilst studying across the breadth of courses within the School of Law.

The day will include sessions called ‘When should an action become a crime?’ where students will explore when a positive action should be considered a crime and the moral discussion that involves. Should a theft always be considered a crime? What is a bribe? Can causing harm to somebody ever be justified? These themes and others will be explored in an innovative way that will give a prospective student an insight into studying law at university.

Furthermore, the day will also allow your students to explore the area of Criminology. ‘What is criminology and crime?’ will explore what may cause an individual to commit it and what happens to those who have committed a crime and been punished for it?

The day will also include a session on Human Rights. Your students will have the chance to learn about the formation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, discussing why the convention was drafted and adopted at this time and have the chance to create their own planet. Students will decide what they think the human rights for this planet should be.

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