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Year 12 Summer School: (Mis)representations of Youth

Earth and Environment
International Development
Law and Criminology
Post 16
Sociology and Social Policy
Year 12 Summer Schools
Thursday 29 - Friday 30 June, 2023
University of Leeds Campus
Target Audience
Year 12
Programme Duration
29th-30th June 2023

This FREE two-day residential programme at the University of Leeds, (Mis)representations of Youth, for Year 12 students, is designed to explore STEROTYPES: general beliefs about people that may or may not be true. Where do they come from? How are they spread? What purpose do they serve? Why does society create these oversimplified understandings of particular groups of people?  

We will explore how stereotypes relate to young people – are they really lazy? Are they going to ‘save the world’? Are teenagers really more likely to be delinquent and commit petty crime? Are they all ‘woke’ and left-leaning? 

Come and take part in a series of workshops exploring the how these stereotypes have been created, why and how they are popularised, and if there is any truth to them. We will learn how these shape our own understanding of the world, and how they in turn impact on politics, and how young people are understood throughout society. In addition, you will get the opportunity to stay at the University of Leeds campus, work with current students, learn from our academic staff, find new friends, and explore what the future may have in store for you…

How to apply

Applications to this summer school are now closed.