ESRC- Festival of Social Sciences Session 5: Black Lives Matter, so does this mean `All` Lives Don’t Matter? 21st Century Activism

  • Date:
  • Time: 12pm-1pm
  • Location: University of Leeds

This session will use a Sociological gaze and attempt to understand the 2 contemporary Political and Social Activist Movements.

Founded in 2015, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is a Black-led organization that supports Black led movements across the globe. However, sections of the White American community (and beyond) felt that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement was an affront to those who do not identify has Black (or of color) and responded to this by creating a counter activist movement All Lives Matter (ALM).

The session will engage students in fully understanding the 2 `seemingly` contradictory perspectives of BLM and ALM and respond to the question: “What’s the Point of Activism?”. Furthermore, in responding to this question, we will attempt to understand the nature of activism and the `real` benefits to `all` of positive activist movements.

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